Refund Policy

We usually provide services with high standards, but in case, if any of our customer is not satisfied with our services, full refund would be provided after looking into client’s complain thoroughly. Before processing with the client’s refund request, our team will look for the valid reason for refunding your amount. In case, if our team finds that your refund request is invalid; you will not be eligible for your refunded amount.

Customers can opt out from our services within 15 days of availing the services. With an appropriate reason for cancellation, users have all the rights to terminate from our services by any point of time. After the deduction of service charges, registration charges, etc., user’s refund request will be proceeded. Users need to fill a refund request form to cancel our services and acquire refund. You will receive an email confirmation from our team, once your refund request is processed.

Customers are only suitable to file for refund, if we are unable to resolve their issue or provide complete satisfaction. If in any circumstances, we fail to accomplish your needs and requirements; your amount will be returned without any delay. Please note, if customers’ issues are resolved than they are not eligible for refund.